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Ambulatory surgery centers

When looking to deliver quality anesthesia services to their patients, provide operational support to their team, and add financial value to their facility, ambulatory surgical centers around the country depend on Premier Anesthesia.

Comprehensive and customizable anesthesia solutions

Outpatient surgery centers face ongoing challenges - recruiting and retaining staff, billing and payroll matters, reimbursement changes, sustaining compliance, and managing performance. Premier Anesthesia can help.


Revenue management

Our specialized anesthesia software is designed for the unique make-up of perioperative billing and can be customized for your specific ambulatory surgical center, resulting in improved and more efficient revenue cycle management and collections.


Building practices

The success of your facility starts with your team, which is why we provide our clients with a network of dedicated and experienced providers. We help save time and money by not only locating qualified candidates but by assisting with travel, negotiations, and credentials.


Process improvements

Gathering, assessing, and reviewing data is a proven process of driving significant growth in outpatient surgery centers. Measuring performance is in our culture, as we continually strive to determine methods that will improve clinical outcomes.


Compliance readiness

Healthcare facilities commit to providing safe and quality patient care and comply with performance standards. However, regulations often change and can be time-consuming to keep up with. Our team is well-versed in regulatory compliance and can assist in making sure you are ready and always up to date.


Patient satisfaction

Lack of staff and resources can lead to canceled procedures or sending patients to other facilities – something a profitable surgery center would like to avoid. We can help realign objectives and recruit top providers so that patient care is never jeopardized.


We can help you provide vital anesthesia services

Anesthesia plays a crucial role in maximizing profitability and patient care, and Premier Anesthesia is here to be a strategic partner aligned with your goals and needs. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your ambulatory surgery center, find out more.