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Implementing an Acuity-Based Resource Model

February 27, 2020

Because we create custom solutions for hospitals, we have options for practice management in terms of staffing, procedures and cost.

An acuity-based model maximizes provider utilization and helps avoid over staffing. It also deploys providers based on where their skills are most useful.

At Premier, we develop our staffing models using the following criteria:

Is it safe?

The most important consideration in the staffing process is to ensure that the model is safe for the type of facility under consideration. Safety is determined by a number of factors: acuity level, complexity of procedures, clinical expertise, independent practice experience, supervision experience, physical location, etc. At Premier Anesthesia, our staffing models are designed with the collaboration of the anesthesia providers to ensure they aren’t stretched beyond reasonable working conditions.

Is it efficient?

A successful practice ensures on-time starts, rapid turnovers, and facilitates the throughput of patients in a safe, timely manner. Additionally, an accommodating model ensures that there will be enough anesthesia staff to adjust to last-minute changes in the schedule such as add-on cases and emergencies.

Is it cost effective?

The economic analysis of anesthesia staffing requires an understanding of the revenue implications, as well as cost considerations. A general rule of thumb is that one physician and two CRNAs in a care team situation will cost about the same as two physicians in a physician-only model, and there wouldn’t be any significant revenue differences. There are countless exceptions to both the revenue and cost differences in that rule.

Is it viable?

Are there providers available who are willing to work in the locations and under the conditions required by the facility? There are geographical areas and provider preferences that have historically accommodated and facilitated different types of providers. Regardless of the circumstance, each hospital has its own customs and traditions; these considerations may facilitate or impede the implementation of a desired staffing model.

When implementing a staffing model, we understand that there are many factors that need to be considered and analyzed before an appropriate staffing model can be determined. Premier has the knowledge, experience, and industry expertise necessary to help hospitals conquer their anesthesia challenges. To talk about the specific needs of your staffing model, contact our team for more information or call 1.855.220.3662.