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7 Benefits of a Proactive Anesthesia Partner

December 15, 2021

The financial pressure on health systems nationwide has never been greater, and many hospital leaders are focused upon cutting costs to increase profit margins. However, those with a longer vision recognize more impactful results arise from a dual focus on spending less and generating more revenue.

As the single largest contributor to hospitals’ revenue, operating rooms significantly impact the bottom line when effectively or ineffectively utilized. Of course, this begs the question, how do you make the OR more efficient? While multiple factors impact efficiency, studies consistently highlight the importance of a well-run anesthesia program.

From minimizing cancelations with pre-anesthesia testing, to hiring anesthesia providers who ensure on-time starts and quick turnarounds, anesthesia service is integral to an efficacious, safe, and efficient OR. For this reason, selecting an innovative and proactive anesthesia partner, aligned with your goals, has never been more important.

With Premier Anesthesia as your partner, you can expect these 7 major benefits:

Better Solutions – A proactive anesthesia partner listens to you and actively seeks to understand the problems you face. You not only have a partner to manage anesthesia services, but you also gain a problem-solving partner who will present custom solutions for the specific issues impacting your OR.

Increased Revenue Potential – A well-organized anesthesia partner minimizes cancelations with pre-anesthesia testing and ensures on-time starts, aiding with quick turnarounds between cases. All this works to improve surgical throughput, increasing revenue potential.

Greater Control – A well-aligned partner respects your need to flex up (or down) to manage volume and will make changes without pushing back or compromising safety, efficiency, and viability.

More Focus – A focused partner will build an extensive network of PRNs that can serve as a beneficial resource to you. With no internal disputes or negotiations about coverage needs, you have more time to focus upon the quality, safety, and profitability of your OR.

Better Decisions – A trusted partner employs state-of-the-art technology to provide full transparency regarding operational, financial, and quality metrics, enabling you to make informed decisions, based on real-time data.

Maximum Profitability – An aligned and proactive partner will have experts in anesthesia-specific billing and specialized anesthesia billing software to maximize collections.

Optimal Support – A partner aligned with your goals offers support in the areas you need, fully utilizing both national and local resources. Close relationships with industry-leading recruiting companies provide an extra layer of support to place the most qualified permanent providers, and to find locums when necessary.

Premier Anesthesia is relentlessly focused on high-quality clinical care, exceptional customer service, and sound practice management. More than a vendor, we’re a true partner to hospitals to help grow the ORs into a profit center, maximize revenue, and improve efficiency without sacrificing quality.

As a strategic partner for hospitals, Premier Anesthesia dedicates a team of anesthesiologists and anesthetists, management executives, and support staff to build and operate a unified anesthesia team. Together with our hospital partners, we develop custom solutions that can scale for growth while working towards system-level performance improvements to achieve operational goals.

If your hospital is interested in partnering to build custom solutions to maximize your anesthesia service, contact us here, or call 855-220-3662.