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How Can Hospitals Take Control of Anesthesia Expenses?

April 1, 2022

When it comes to choosing a management provider, there are a lot of factors to consider. Is the organization transparent in its billing and procedures? How much control do they give their hospital clients in making their own decisions? Do they have systems in place that are specific to the practice of anesthesia? And do they act as a genuine partner?


Solutions and Transparency 

It is impossible to manage finances if costs and services are a guessing game. The right partner should provide a completely transparent service model with flat management fees that cover expenses such as recruiting, scheduling, and billing and deliver a solution that eliminates the guesswork. 


Maintaining Complete Control

Transparency and control go hand in hand. One such proven method of delivering this control is through the use of real-time data, reporting, and analytics. Clinical, operational, and financial metrics give hospital leaders a clear picture of their financial standing and empowers them to make more informed decisions about present and future needs. When a hospital has complete authority over its coverage model, staffing, call, and other cost considerations, it empowers leaders to make the decisions that are fiscally thorough.


True Partnerships Allow Effective Expense Management

With Premier Anesthesia in your corner, you gain a proactive anesthesia partner who takes the time to understand your needs, comprehends what it takes to manage anesthesia, and has the tools to empower you to make better decisions for your facility. 


If your hospital is interested in learning more about our custom solutions created to enhance your anesthesia services, contact us, or call 855-220-3662.