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A time to reflect on the state of our industry

November 21, 2022

As we start the holiday season, it is healthy to reflect on the past year. For myself, I think about our treasured partnerships with medical facilities and professionals around the country and how we have individually and collectively helped to create a positive impact on clinical providers and patients. But, I also recognize that the healthcare industry continues to face some complex challenges.

Because many medical professionals who should be decision-makers often have no control over these choices, or their outcomes, some of these challenges feel momentous. For that reason, we offer trusted partnerships that focus on helping our partners maintain control over the critical decisions that impact them.

This month, we launched two new blogs that examine these issues. One blog considers the shortage of clinicians that many medical facilities face. The second blog explores how and why hospitals and clinics are reevaluating their anesthesiology programs in order to improve their bottom line and ensure a sustainable operation for patients and their families.

Helping to solve these problems is what drives us. We work every day to increase our healthcare partners’ control over operational and financial decisions so that they can maximize their allowable revenue and more effectively manage their operations. We do this so our partners can focus on providing exceptional and critically-needed patient care — because that is what really matters.

The healthcare industry, like every industry, will always face roadblocks and obstacles, but it is our mission to find ways to overcome those challenges together so that we can move healthcare forward! For that reason, I wish health and happiness to you and your loved ones during this holiday season. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice to improve healthcare and the lives of everyone you touch!

~ Preston