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Part one: The pros of permanent anesthesiology positions

Anesthesiologists in operating room
January 31, 2023

Those in the medical field have a lot to consider when searching for a job – where they want to work, who they want to work for, and how many hours a week they want to spend practicing medicine. For anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and anesthesiologist assistants, many have the opportunity to choose between standard, permanent positions in a hospital network or private group practice, or locum tenens assignments throughout the country.

There are upsides to both and depending on the professional’s career goals and stage in life, one may be a clear choice. Learning which option best aligns with interests and lifestyle preferences and how to get the most out of each opportunity is essential.

Permanent placements tend to be preferred by providers who prioritize structure and consistency. However, there are several other advantages. Below we look at some of the main benefits of being a permanent employee within a healthcare system.



One of the most significant advantages of being a permanent on-staff anesthesiologist or CRNA is having the financial security that comes with a dependable paycheck. Permanent staff members are often rewarded with yearly bonuses as well. The stability and security of being on staff and having a regular payment structure can reduce the stress associated with jumping from job to job when the contract comes to an end. This advantage was highlighted during the COVID pandemic when there was a sudden downturn in the number of locums positions available due to the closure of outpatient ORs and the sharp reduction in elective surgeries. Those with permanent positions continued to work, while those engaged with a locums company were the first to be cut from the service.


Benefits and taxes

Health insurance, paid time off, retirement savings, student loan repayment, and maternity leave are standard for permanent staff. In contrast, locum tenens providers are sometimes left sourcing their own benefits as independent contractors. Furthermore, social security and taxes are automatically taken out of permanent staff paychecks, while locum tenens physicians working in an independent contractor arrangement may receive wages based only on hours worked, with no taxes taken out.


Clear job responsibilities 

It takes time to become acquainted with a new job environment, and sometimes the scope of work needs to be clarified. When in a permanent position, an anesthesia provider has time to assess how much work they are expected to complete each day, allowing them to manage their schedule and expectations better. Permanent staff also have the ability to often set their hours first, which can lead to a better work/life balance overall.


No long-distance travel

On a personal level, staying in one place for work is often more conducive to family life. Professionally, committing time and effort to one community allows providers to build partnerships and networks throughout their careers. While anesthesiologists or CRNAs may not often work with the same patients, like other specialists, they often collaborate with the same colleagues. The synergy developed with these providers can directly impact patient care.


Building a practice 

In long-standing office structures, the team often supports each other and builds a strong culture. Furthermore, by committing to one place, anesthesia providers tend to feel more comfortable with the technology, processes, and back-office procedures that are necessary to keep a practice running successfully.


The downside 

Of course, permanent placement isn’t perfect for everyone. Some providers feel that being tied to one location becomes tedious or lose interest with limited exposure to new cases. Some are looking for more flexibility or multiple sources of income. In that case, a locum position may be a better fit.


Premier Anesthesia can help build your future

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