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Hospitals vs. clinics: How an anesthesia management partner makes a difference for both

June 27, 2023

Medical technology has come a long way, allowing many procedures requiring anesthesia, such as colonoscopies and biopsies, to be performed as outpatient care. Patients often prefer this option over a hospital stay, as recovering at home is usually cost-effective and more comfortable. As a result, outpatient clinics and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) have seen substantial growth in their anesthesia programs. However, round-the-clock hospital care is still vital for major surgeries like organ replacements, heart surgeries, and cesarean sections. As these procedures are increasing, hospital systems are faced with effectively managing their anesthesia services during this influx.

Although hospitals and ASCs may vary in some of their services, they face similar challenges in managing anesthesia programs. Both prioritize providing quality care while also managing compliance, insurance, and regulatory changes. They strive to improve patient outcomes while expanding services and controlling costs. However, hospitals and ASCs also face their own unique hurdles. ASCs must promote themselves as a worthy hospital alternative and often compete with large hospital groups for top doctors. Hospitals must contend with fluctuating patient volumes, overworked teams, and finding impactful medical directors. The good news is that both can achieve their goals with the right anesthesia management partner. The proven strategies, tools, and experienced guidance explained below are designed to help any medical facility excel in its perioperative programs.


Utilizing data to make decisions

Striving for excellent care is a top priority for most healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, many facilities lack the tools and systems to adequately measure their performance. A shortage of funding, staff, and time often results in missed avenues for growth. Thankfully, partnering with an anesthesia management service is a game-changer. With tried-and-true reporting techniques, they can help hospitals and outpatient centers monitor patient flow, optimize staff schedules, and uncover new revenue opportunities.


Recruiting and retaining top talent

Recruiting qualified anesthesia providers can be a tedious and endless task for medical personnel. Fortunately, partnering with an anesthesia management team can ease the burden and make the recruitment process quicker and more effective. With diverse connections in the medical industry, the partner can source candidates best suited for every type of facility. Moreover, they will handle the licensing and credentialing process, negotiate pay and travel arrangements, and act as a single point of communication throughout the recruitment period.


Billing practices specific to anesthesia 

Optimizing anesthesia revenue is crucial for healthcare providers, but many still rely on paper billing methods that lead to backlogs and extended collection times. It’s essential to have an anesthesia management partner with specialized software and expertise in anesthesia billing to ensure maximum revenue collection and efficiency. A trustworthy partner will offer transparency in all processes and work to streamline revenue cycle management for a better overall financial outcome.


Managing compliance and regulatory changes

Keeping up with healthcare regulations can be a daunting task, but it’s essential for any hospital or ASC to avoid hefty fines or legal trouble. Anesthesia management can help ease the burden, providing expert support in HIPAA compliance and updating policies and procedures as needed. With help, medical leadership can stay current on government modifications and ensure their medical team consistently practices the best in compliance and safety.


Improving healthcare reputation

When it comes to medical facilities, patient safety and care are paramount. However, it’s important to remember that these factors can also affect a facility’s reputation. Patients need to trust their doctors and the facilities where they receive treatment, but frequent issues can lead to negative consequences like cancellations, empty operating rooms, and lost revenue. Many hospitals and clinics are partnering with anesthesia management experts to address these challenges. These professionals comprehensively evaluate operations from top to bottom to identify areas for improvement, providing invaluable support to enhance services, increase revenue, and assure patients that your facility is the best choice for their procedure.


Comprehensive and customizable anesthesia solutions

Premier Anesthesia has been dedicated to enhancing anesthesia practices across the United States for over two decades. Throughout our journey, we have learned that the needs of the healthcare industry are constantly evolving. We pride ourselves on our flexible strategies, enabling us to work alongside you to provide the finest care. Unlike other management firms dealing with multiple medical fields, our sole focus is anesthesia. We fully grasp the obstacles hospitals and healthcare organizations encounter, and we bring our expertise and resources to the table to help you reach your objectives and provide an optimal experience for all involved parties. Discover how our specialized approach can make a difference for your organization.