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Premier Anesthesia Creates Alliance with the Ohio Hospital Association

May 22, 2024

ALPHARETTA, Ga.May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Premier Anesthesia, a national leader and specialist in anesthesia practice management, today announced its affiliation with the Ohio Hospital Association’s (OHA) Corporate Partner Program.

This partnership seeks to further enhance anesthesia delivery in Ohio by aligning Premier Anesthesia’s expertise and services with OHA’s mission. As the united voice of Ohio’s hospitals, OHA leverages data and specialized resources to lead in shaping health policy, spearheading quality improvement endeavors and championing economic sustainability to benefit its diverse membership.

With roots dating back to the 1980s, Premier Anesthesia is one of the country’s oldest single-specialty anesthesia practice management groups. It is also one of the only remaining independent national anesthesia groups that is privately held, without outside private equity investment or influence. Premier Anesthesia is frequently engaged by hospitals and ambulatory surgery groups to stabilize programs, tap into its substantial recruiting strength to improve staffing and coverage, and provide administrators with robust, transparent data reporting for visibility and control over growing their surgical services while containing the escalating costs of anesthesia.

Premier Anesthesia has more than a decade of service in the state of Ohio, and this collaboration takes on a heightened significance with the company’s recent expansion to be the exclusive anesthesia group at Trinity Healthcare’s Mount Carmel East hospital in greater Columbus, Ohio. This growth in the Ohio market not only amplifies Premier Anesthesia’s commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services in the state, but also underscores the pivotal role its hospitals play in the Ohio healthcare landscape.

Premier Anesthesia’s alliance with OHA’s Corporate Partner Program reflects a shared commitment to advancing healthcare excellence in Ohio. Together, they aim to strengthen the impact of anesthesia practice and management to improve the availability and delivery of patient care in the state.

“We welcome Premier Anesthesia to our community of corporate partners and to share its expertise and services with OHA members, as anesthesia delivery remains an important component of the health care delivery system,” said James Guliano, senior vice president of operations and chief clinical officer, OHA.

“Ohio Hospital Association serves an incredible mission for the state’s network of hospitals, and Premier Anesthesia is honored to join forces with it. We believe this collaboration will benefit Premier Anesthesia’s current and future hospital partners in Ohio and our collective commitment to innovation, advancing healthcare excellence and enhancing patient care standards across the state. Together, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the healthcare landscape of Ohio,” added Preston Smith, FACHE, president of Premier Anesthesia.

Premier Anesthesia has been on a steady growth trajectory nationwide as hospitals are becoming increasingly disenfranchised by those anesthesia groups that align with private equity investors or shareholders rather than the unique needs of the hospitals and patients they serve. While instability in the market has resulted in other national groups filing for bankruptcy protection or defending anti-trust lawsuits against the government, Premier Anesthesia remains committed to its core focus on the fundamentals: patient care, practice management and customer service.

About Ohio Hospital Association 
Established in 1915, OHA represents 250 hospitals and 15 health systems throughout Ohio that employ 430,000 Ohioans and contribute $91.7 billion to Ohio’s economy along with $7.8 billion in net community benefit. OHA is the nation’s first state hospital association and is recognized nationally for patient safety and health care quality initiatives and environmental sustainability programs. OHA website:

About Premier Anesthesia
Premier Anesthesia is one of the nation’s largest privately held anesthesia management companies. Solely focused on building and managing the best anesthesia teams in the industry, its leadership brings extensive experience and expertise in hospital-based physician staffing, recruiting and management, helping hospital and healthcare facilities across the country achieve superior clinical, business and patient outcomes. Premier Anesthesia is part of the Jackson Healthcare® family of companies.