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As a leader in anesthesia management, we consider it our responsibility to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends. Read our blogs below for relevant information geared toward healthcare professionals and patients.

Enhancing Patient Engagement in Anesthesia Billing Through Data and Analytics

February 23, 2024

Technology and data analytics have significantly changed how patient care is delivered. However, with rising medical costs and many people lacking adequate insurance, the importance of engaging patients is more evident than ever. When patients are satisfied, they’re more likely to follow treatment plans, participate in their care, and have better health outcomes. Engaged patients...

What is the Best Management Structure for Your Medical Facility?

February 23, 2024

Navigating the needs of an anesthesia department demands a balance between clinical proficiency, operational flexibility, and financial stability. With the continuous evolution of healthcare systems, anesthesia departments find themselves compelled to recalibrate their management structure to align with the needs of modern medicine, all while upholding standards of patient care. Key Functions of Anesthesia Department...

When is the Right Time for an Anesthesiologist to Become a Medical Director?

January 30, 2024

The journey of an anesthesiologist is one that demands expertise, precision, and a deep commitment to patient care. As these professionals progress in their careers, some may contemplate the next step: transitioning into a leadership role as a medical director. Employers typically seek medical director candidates with at least ten years of practical experience before...

Why Your Hospital’s Reputation Matters and How an Anesthesia Program Can Help

January 29, 2024

A hospital’s reputation is an invaluable asset that not only shapes the perspectives of patients but also influences the decisions of partners, families, existing medical providers, and potential new hires. In today’s digital age, where information is readily available, individuals have unprecedented access to data about where they receive care. Annual lists published by reputable...

Looking Ahead to 2024 and Our Mission to Serve the Servants

December 22, 2023

As we reflect on 2023, we are first and foremost struck with a deep appreciation for the sacrifice and dedication of our clinical providers and their commitment to compassionate care for the patients, administrators, surgeons, proceduralists, and nursing teams whom they serve every day. The formula is actually pretty simple. As an organization, Premier Anesthesia...