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How Hospitals Make the Best Decisions with Data Analytics

To provide excellent healthcare services, it’s crucial to plan for the present and future. Fortunately, the healthcare industry is turning to data analytics to enhance patient care, reduce costs, and offer better support for medical practitioners. Access to this information improves diagnosis speed and accuracy and enables hospitals to manage their resources better. As a result, it can help lower costs and streamline operations by predicting when there will be increased demand for medical equipment and staff during surges in patient volume.   Three types of analytics are most utilized in a healthcare setting: Descriptive analytics uses historical data to draw...

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What is the Best Approach to Finding the Best Anesthesiology Providers?

Recruiting specialized medical staff like anesthesiologists is a lengthy, resource-intensive process for healthcare organizations. The high demand and limited supply of these critical providers means that any delays in hiring can be costly and impact patient care. While finding, interviewing, and onboarding new staff may take months and require significant time and money, the alternative of unfilled positions can be even more detrimental. As specialist demand increases, healthcare organizations must establish successful recruitment strategies. Below we dive into effective tactics for securing top talent in the medical field.   Evaluate Needs Developing an effective, long-term recruitment plan for your medical...

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How to Run a Cost-Effective Anesthesia Program While Delivering the Best Treatment

How to run a cost-effective anesthesia program while delivering the best treatment

Effective anesthesia management is no easy feat. It takes a group of knowledgeable professionals to keep costs down while ensuring quality patient care simultaneously. A simple oversight can send expenses skyrocketing, causing a slew of problems for both patients and providers. Medical facilities are constantly balancing budget constraints with optimal medical treatment. However, outsourcing with a reliable anesthesia management team can help. From staffing evaluations to analytic models, there are many methods to keep anesthesia costs under control and lead a successful, cost-effective program while still providing the best possible treatment for patients.   Data-Driven Decisions When it comes to...

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Why Flexibility Matters When Choosing an Anesthesia Management Partner

Why flexibility matters when choosing an anesthesia management partner

Choosing the right anesthesia management partner is crucial for medical facilities of all shapes and sizes. Whether a bustling hospital or a smaller clinic, the services offered must be tailored to meet the unique needs of patients. That’s where a flexible perioperative management solution comes in – it ensures that your anesthesia services can be adapted and optimized based on your changing demands. As medical facilities strive to improve their services, partnerships with management companies are often formed to bring in expertise and resources in from outside. To find the perfect partner for your healthcare facility, specifically in a specialty...

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How an anesthesia management partner can help you stay compliant

To meet mandated compliance standards, medical facilities have an ongoing challenge to keep up with the ever-changing anesthesia regulatory landscape. If not done correctly, it can affect their ability to provide safe and quality patient care. Delving into HIPAA regulations, drug laws, and fraud/antitrust issues are all essential for medical organizations but require extensive staff resources that may already be stretched thin. Despite the abundance of perioperative regulations and legal implications, only a fraction of healthcare organizations has proper compliance officers on staff. Without adequate attention to detail or investing resources into managing regulatory issues, it can be costly – HIPAA...

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