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In an industry filled with disruption, go with a partner you can count on

If your anesthesia program has been affected by the bankruptcy of healthcare corporations, don’t worry. We can support you during this uncertain time and help minimize any impact on your anesthesia program.

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Our philosophy is simple: hospital leadership should be the ones making decisions, not investors or shareholders. As one of the only privately held anesthesia groups in the country, we put our partner’s needs first, always.


We stand behind our promises

With Premier Anesthesia, hospitals can avoid the financial unpredictability that comes with partnering with an organization backed by private equity investors looking for a quick return on their investment.

What makes us unique

Why partner
with us?

  • We have no organizational debt
  • Complete operational and financial transparency
  • Decisions made by hospital leadership
  • Customized plans for your hospital or healthcare system
  • Enhanced hospital reputation and more referrals
  • Better job satisfaction and higher retention rates
  • Proven reporting tactics and state-of-the-art technology

The way a partner is financed matters

Private equity firms exist to generate profits. Period. As a result, they focus on short-term gains and use strategies like cost-cutting, hidden fees, and restrictive contracts. This can leave hospital management unsure of their expenses and negatively impact patient outcomes.

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Backed by those you can trust

Not only is our company privately owned, but we are also part of Jackson Healthcare – a long-standing organization that caters to more than 10 million patients annually and is consistently recognized as one of the best workplaces in the country.

Top-notch solutions customized to fit your hospital’s needs

For decades, our team has placed the needs of hospitals at the forefront of our endeavors. Our ultimate goal is to aid in creating anesthesia practices that prioritize clinical quality and efficient practice management. To learn how our solutions can help your anesthesia department achieve its long-term objectives, find out more.