Premier Anesthesia medical directors lead in helping to develop COVID-19 containment boxes

Across the country, we are seeing medical professionals step up in incredible ways to keep their patients, coworkers and themselves safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Dr. Phillip Cusano, Anesthesia Medical Director at Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock, Calif., worked with a local company, Paul’s Glass Co., to create a plexiglass box to cover COVID-19 patients or patients under investigation for COVID-19. The clear boxes are open on one end and provide a barrier for the clinician while giving them space to use their hands for intubation.

Emanuel Medical Center’s efforts were featured in the Turlock Journal and on ABC10 news in Sacramento.

In Decatur, Texas, Dr. Carole-Anne Bouldin, Anesthesia Medical Director at Wise Health System, worked with REACH Wireline, LLC. to develop a similar acrylic box for their emergency and surgery departments. The boxes have helped to protect providers during any aerosolizing procedures.

Watch the news segment about the Fort Worth COVID containment boxes here.

These are just a few stories of similar situations happening all over the country. We also want to say thank you to all the manufacturing companies stepping up to meet the needs of the healthcare providers in their communities.

Our Premier anesthesiologists and CRNAs are members of their local and hospital communities. Premier Anesthesia provides the national resources and infrastructure our caregivers need so they can devote their time and energy to caring for their patients and meeting immediate needs within their town, hospital and families.

Premier Anesthesia leaders in the field are also serving as leaders and decision makers in their hospitals during this time, and we’re honored to work alongside them as they find new ways to advance patient care in these most difficult times.

Learn more about our solutions and services or request a consultation or proposal for anesthesia practice management.

CAPTION: Dr. Bouldin showing the functionality of the COVID-19 containment box with a fellow provider

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