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If you’re a healthcare administrator, you solve problems.

And if you have anesthesiology problems, you need Premier Anesthesia.

Managing an anesthesia department can feel like a never-ending rollercoaster. Budget constraints, provider cancelations, leadership issues, quality control, billing issues – it can all seem overwhelming.

Joyce found the solution, and you can too.

Office administrator infront of computer screens

Meet “Old” Joyce

Joyce’s anesthesia department was proving to be too much to manage. Overworked and up to her eyebrows in paperwork, every day became a struggle as she was frustrated by inefficient practices, an overall lack of transparency, and billing problems.

How did she turn it around?

Joyce made the smart decision to call Premier Anesthesia. Watch the journey of how her anesthesia department was transformed from stressful to successful.

Meet “New” Joyce

New Joyce discovered the secret to managing a well-run anesthesia department. She no longer has to worry about last-minute cancelations, mismanaged operations, and overbearing forms and can get back to helping her team deliver the best care.

The secret to a successful anesthesia management department starts with us

Whether you need help staffing your team or you're ready to hand off the reins of your entire anesthesia department, we're here to give you the power to make the best decisions for your medical facility. At Premier Anesthesia, we can:

  • Handle scheduling
  • Manage billing
  • Share analytics
  • Monitor patient flow
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • And more…

An expert level of care

Some wonder, can you still provide the best care when outsourcing to a management partner? The answer is, with Premier Anesthesia, yes! We are the most trusted staffing company in the business and attract the top talent in the country – elevating the quality of care in any setting.

We have the anesthesia business figured out

For over 20 years, Premier Anesthesia has successfully developed hospital-based anesthesia practices throughout the country. If you would like to learn how to be more like Joyce, click below.