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What is the Best Approach to Finding the Best Anesthesiology Providers?

May 30, 2023

Recruiting specialized medical staff like anesthesiologists is a lengthy, resource-intensive process for healthcare organizations. The high demand and limited supply of these critical providers means that any delays in hiring can be costly and impact patient care. While finding, interviewing, and onboarding new staff may take months and require significant time and money, the alternative of unfilled positions can be even more detrimental. As specialist demand increases, healthcare organizations must establish successful recruitment strategies. Below we dive into effective tactics for securing top talent in the medical field.


Evaluate Needs

Developing an effective, long-term recruitment plan for your medical organization requires a deep understanding of demand, patient needs, and the pulse of your team. Hospital leaders need to take a deep dive into the workings of the entire anesthesia department and determine if a shift in the staffing model would offset the need for additional hires, if adding permanent anesthesia leadership would be beneficial, and if they need locum or permanent coverage. Leaders also must recognize that what they need now may change in five years since surgical and procedural volume can dramatically fluctuate.


Assess Your Team

Evaluate your current staff carefully. Do any of your providers have retirement in mind, or are they seeking a role with more leadership? Do any staff members express interest in changing their job for a better position? Although your staff may not actively seek out new opportunities, effective communication can lead to meaningful insight into their job satisfaction. Use this valuable information to decide when and if new positions need to be filled.


Look at Your Brand

Is your brand sending the right message about your business? Your brand, everything from your logo to your website to job postings, should accurately convey what your organization stands for. And when it comes to recruitment efforts, brand management is crucial. It means actively shaping how your organization is perceived by patients, staff, and the industry. You’ll be better positioned to attract the right providers to your team by highlighting what sets you apart and modernizing your brand.


Connect with Potential Candidates

Knowing where to find potential candidates and how best to reach them is vital to successful recruitment – even when you aren’t actively hiring. Physicians and nurses who openly post their resumes, search for opportunities online, and respond to job postings represent only a tiny segment of the candidate pool. Building positive relationships with both actively engaged and passive job seekers will help you recognize and nurture talent, ensuring that you have a candidate ready and enthusiastic to join your organization when an opportunity arises.


Incorporate Marketing

Marketing is key for the two points above – updating your brand and connecting with candidates. Simply posting the opening won’t cut it. Utilize tailored social media platforms for recruiting, and make sure your profile presents you and your company in the best light. Additionally, consider launching an email marketing campaign to build a pipeline of potential candidates. With these strategies, you’ll connect with top talent.


Evaluate Culture

To stand out in a competitive job market, healthcare organizations must create an attractive workplace culture that meets the needs of potential hires. This includes factors like the organization’s mission, work/life balance, work hours, team building, and local amenities. By understanding the culture, recruiters can effectively convey their organization’s vision and values to the proper candidates.


Ongoing Communication

Recruiting is a demanding process that requires substantial time and effort, attention to detail, and constant communication between candidates and employers. Successful communication begins by creating a recruitment plan that emphasizes understanding the needs and desires of the provider. When reaching out to candidates, recruiters should initiate a dialogue about their motivations and identify any issues or concerns. It’s important to involve all parties in the planning process and maintain regular communication, particularly if there are any delays. By prioritizing effective communication, recruiters can establish these vital relationships.


Consider What You Have to Offer

Healthcare professionals seek employers that ensure the health and happiness of both staff and patients alike. This includes providing essential benefits like life insurance, disability, paid time off, and retirement plans, plus covering expenses for continuing medical education, licensing, and malpractice insurance. Competitive compensation is, of course, equally crucial. Offering these perks may significantly influence a physician’s decision to join and remain loyal to your organization.


An Anesthesia Management Partner Can Help

When it comes to recruiting, an anesthesia management partner can lighten the workload for your already-busy medical team. The ideal partner has established relationships with medical facilities and candidates and knows exactly what they need in advance. Whether you need locums or full-time staff, CRNAs, or a specialized anesthesiologist, a good partner has a well-rounded recruitment approach starting on day one. By assessing your needs and conducting team interviews, they can make recommendations that will attract new hires. Furthermore, they can handle the licensing and credentialing process, negotiate pay and benefits, arrange travel, and act as your singular point of contact for exceptional candidates.


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