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Leadership Team

Miguel Cervantes III, MD, MBA, FACHE

Regional Medical Director

Dr. Miguel Cervantes is an anesthesiologist with over 19 years ofexperience and a deep understanding of the medical industry. He is licensed and works both in Texas and Washington State providing anesthesia care in hospitals and ambulatory care centers. He is currently the Anesthesiology Medical Director for 46 anesthesia providers and serves on the Medical Executive Committee at a 230-bed hospital in Washington. Dr. Cervantes also serves on the medical board for three ambulatory surgery centers in Washington. While working in Lubbock, Texas, he organized a team of anesthesiologists to provide “as needed” services to an ambulatory surgery center and a rural hospital. He continues to use this “as needed” approach to staff up to 24 points-of-service at his hospital and ambulatory surgery centers. Dr. Cervantes also serves a large healthcare system of over 58 hospitals spread across five states as a System Provider Informaticist working to clinically optimize an electronic health record system for providers, leading a team of providers to assist
in electronic record deployments, and using data to help make organizational change.

Dr. Cervantes acquired a Certificate of Business Administration from the American Society of Anesthesiologists in 2016. In 2020, Dr. Cervantes was awarded the Fellow of the American Society of Anesthesiologists for demonstration of dedication and leadership in anesthesiology and in 2021, he obtained an MBA.

Dr. Cervantes started a relationship with Premier Anesthesia in 2005 that continues to this day. He has worked at several of Premier’s facilities, has served as Medical Director in both Texas and Washington, previously held the role of President of Medical Staff, and is currently a Regional Medical Director for Premier Anesthesia. He is based in Richland, WA and works and serves as a Medical Director for Premier and Kadlec Regional Medical Center.