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Office-based clinics

We help office-based clinics increase revenue, effectively manage operations, and get back to providing exceptional and vital patient care by being an active and flexible anesthesia partner.

Complete anesthesia management solutions within your budget and needs

We know that no one solution will work for every facility. That is why our procedures to streamline operations, drive revenue growth, manage regulations, and implement technology are focused on your clinic's unique needs.


Revenue & billing

Our state-of-the-art billing system captures all possible anesthesia revenue from your office-based clinic, optimizing all relevant revenue streams, recognizing overlooked areas, and increasing collections.


Recruitment & staffing

It takes time and resources to find the best anesthesiologists and CRNAs for your team, which is why we have a network of top providers ready to go. As your needs change, we are prepared to evolve our approach to staffing so that you can continue delivering quality care.


Productivity & efficiency

We believe data is a powerful tool, so we consistently measure performance in several ways. As gathering this information is necessary for healthcare facilities that want to continue to offer better care, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and innovative quality measures.


Regulations & compliance

Clinics around the country rely on our team to keep their medical facility in compliance with government and industry regulations. With changes happening quickly, it is essential to have a team in place to safeguard clinical and financial performance.


Care & outcomes

Delivering exceptional care is the primary goal of any medical facility. However, staffing challenges leave clinics and patients in an endless cycle of jeopardy. We have the tools needed to turn your anesthesia program around into a well-regarded and top provider.


With Premier Anesthesia, provide the vital anesthesia services your patients need

For over 20 years, we have carefully and intentionally developed clinic-based anesthesia practices throughout the country. Get in touch to learn more about custom solutions to meet your operational goals.