The Benefits of a National Anesthesia Partner

The current state of healthcare has created a need for anesthesia departments that are flexible and able to weather many circumstances. We often encounter situations where the hospital wants to keep the anesthesia providers from the existing group, but the coverage and contractual agreements are no longer financially or operationally feasible for either. In many cases, the decision to consider engaging a national anesthesia company isn’t because the hospital has lost confidence in their group; It’s often because the hospital wants to help and protect them.

Here are areas where both hospitals and local anesthesia practices can mutually benefit from engaging a national anesthesia partner and what to look for when choosing an anesthesia group.

National Resources

Contracting with a national anesthesia partner doesn’t have to be a complete takeover that results in loss of local identity and autonomy. In fact, we often find it’s the opposite, where the hospital and anesthesia clinicians are even more involved than before.

Your patients are best served when top-flight providers remain in the community. In our experience, a local group equipped with national resources is best suited to create a sustainable model to deliver anesthesia services that are flexible and responsive to the needs of the hospital. These larger groups have invested in infrastructure and resources to provide advanced tools and technology to support providers in delivering safe and effective care. Having a national group as a partner allows your providers to focus on quality patient care and improves your data collection and reporting of clinical, operational, and financial information.

Recruitment and provider redeployment are other big advantages of national groups. During the COVID-19 surge, Premier Anesthesia was able to offer CRNAs and anesthesiologists opportunities to go to the harder hit hospitals from areas that saw less impact or had less volume due to the hold on elective surgeries. Even outside of a pandemic, a national group has an extensive network of providers all over the country and can quickly fill open positions with anesthesiologists and anesthetists.